Announcing EUG Awards 2019


We are pleased to announce that as part of Insights 2019 the Epicor Users Group will be presenting a series of awards to our members and partner community.

The Epicor Users Group is an active and vibrant community and we want our members to be able to show their appreciation for the support they receive from other EUG Members, Epicor and Epicor/EUG Partners. These awards are in recognition of this help and support and we want to celebrate those contributions both big and small. These awards are open to our Global Community of members and nominations will be accepted from all Members, Partners and Epicor staff^.

Nominations for the awards are open through Friday 5th April and the awards will be presented during the Epicor Users Group Session at Insights 2019 (Wednesday, Apr 17, 9:40 AM – 10:30 AM). Voting for the awards will be announced once the nominations have completed.

Nominate someone that has helped you or contributed to the Epicor community now.


  • Nominated Awards
    • Top Influencer / Most Valuable Person
      • This award will be granted to the person that has helped, contributed or influenced an EUG member in such a way that they feel the nominee’s efforts should be recognised. The contribution can be big or small.
      • This could be a comment that unlocked the solution to a longstanding problem. It could be a full solution that helped achieve xx% efficiency improvement within an area of their business or it could be a support operative going above and beyond to help.
    • Best Presentation
      • This award will be made to the presenter that most effectively showcased their use of Epicor while successfully engaging the audience.
      • Presentations should have been made since January 2018 at either an EUG or Epicor event (e.g. Regional Group meetings or Insights).
    • Regional Group/Leader
      • In recognition of successful and inspirational regional user group meetings. If your regional group has provided consistently useful and engaging sessions please nominate your regional group/group leader.
    • Top Consultant or Partner
      • This award is made to the consultant or partner that has helped achieve success within your business. The nomination can be a company or individual consultant. It is in recognition of the contribution that the consultant/partner has made to your company.
  • RUG Cup
    • The Annual RUG Cup Winner will be announced as part of the 2019 EUG Awards
  • Forum Contributions
    • Top Forum Contributor*:
      • The person who is the most active participant within the EUG Online Community.
      • Calculated by receiving points towards forum posts, posted content, blog posts etc.
    • Most Downloaded Content Provider*
      • The person who has provided/shared the most downloaded content for the EUG Community

* Elected and Appointed EUG Board Members are excluded from this category.
^ Further regional awards may be held during 2019.

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