EUGEMEA18 Customer Questions

A Note from Epicor CEO, Steve Murphy.

I would like to thank the EUG for the opportunity to speak at the recent EUG event in Nottingham. It was a pleasure to speak directly with our UK customers and users.

I was particularly happy that our customers took the opportunity to ask questions during the Q&A.   There were a number of common themes that were raised during my session, and I would like to speak to the main topics here.


We believe that our customers need to look to the Cloud to accelerate growth, help gain efficiency in their business, drive connectivity and visibility and enable Industry 4.0.  We also believe that the rate at which you pivot to the Cloud is your decision.

For our customers using Epicor ERP, I’m pleased to say that we are already providing a robust Cloud product available via Microsoft Azure along with a set of tools designed to help you make the move to the Cloud when you are ready.  For those of you using BisTrack and Tropos, you would have seen during the EUG event that Cloud is built into our future roadmap and that we are already providing Cloud applications that integrate into your products to allow you to harness the power of the Cloud today.


Support was an area of discussion during my Q&A.  We have recently revised our support policies to provide clarity on the support levels available on each version of our products.  A full overview can be found at (ERP/iScala). In addition to this we are making significant investment in our self-service support capabilities, making it easier for you to find answers to common support issues and log and check the status of outstanding support tickets via EpicCare.  We have also launched a knowledge on-demand database and are launching short video tutorials to help you get the most out of your Epicor products.  Support is an area we are continuously striving to improve, and I commit to continuing our significant investment in both our technology and people.

User Experience

Essential to our strategy of Ease of Everything, User Experience (UX) and in particular UI across our products is a focus for us.  To that end we recently launched Kinetic – our new powerful UX/UI design framework.   Kinetic provides a unified experience across all of our future product releases, across all devices and provides a framework for both Epicor developers and our ISV partners to use to ensure a consistent experience across our product ecosystem.

Once again, thank you to the EUG for including me in the event, and I look forward to meeting even more of our UK customers in the future.

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