Update on E4SE Roadmap

By Cathy Bennett posted 17 Aug, 2017 12:37 PM


Just finished the latest Enterprise Leadership Council call and wanted to provide a recap.  

Soon the E4SE Service Pack 15 GA is expected. This SP will support SQL 2016, Windows 10 and provide EUG Enhancement requests.  The key enhancements being worked on are:

  • Confirm receipts before expense approval when required

  • Automatic re-approval of optional project changes

  • Comments in the Billing and Credit Detail

  • Revenue Recognition filtering

  • T&E Navigator Sort by Customer Name Option

  • Improved navigation of project task on large projects

  • Then in September Epicor is hoping to Beta E4SE on the Epicor Mobile Framework (EMF) with a possible release in late October.  EMF acronym as it will be appearing a lot in the future.  This initial release will focus on Time Entry and Approval functionality, then  Expense Entry will be added in the next version.   The EMF provides the following: 

  • Flexible and responsive framework

  • Compatible with modern HTML5-complian browsers

  • Forms can be displayed full-size and will resize based on the device display size

  • Operates as an additional website, along with the primary E4SE site

  • Back-end is keeping the same E4SE web services leveraging ICEHector gave a Demo of the product so farCan be reached anywhere as long as connected to the internet – No Off-Line version

  • No syncing, it does auto updates to E4SE and EMF with a refresh of the screen

  • It will have the same functionality as the regular Time Entry in E4SE

  • Epicor Development will be wanting customer feedback on what items are wanted in the mobile functionality as well.

Please feel free to post your Enhancement ideas or items you want available in Epicor Mobile Framework

Cathy Bennett
E4SE User Group  Liaison