Plates in the Air: A mini-series

By Todd Caughey posted 01 Nov, 2018 11:25 AM


I’ve been asked, as part of the EUG Ambassadors program, to contribute some “expert” content so I have decided to start a blog.  Hopefully on a regular basis.

I've been thinking about some of the unique aspects of supporting multiple companies using Epicor - from Vantage 6.1 to E10.2.300 in the Cloud and everything in between. So, a blog along the lines of some of the classic columns like "CSO Undercover" or Bob Lewis's "Keep the Joint Running" might be useful. If this journey unfolds as expected there will be lots of upgrades, conversions, customizing and, yes, fires to discuss.  As always any opinions expressed are mine alone and do not represent my employer.

Of course corporate confidentiality will require anonymizing some details but the relevant Epicor bits along the way should still be useful. So, this won't be as much a "blog" maybe as a travelogue.  The company I work for is a conglomerate with groups of companies serving a diverse selection of industries.  As companies have been acquired over the years they have brought a variety or ERP systems into the fold.  Currently the top two representations are SAP and Epicor.  At the moment there are 13 companies with unique site IDs using some flavor of Epicor.  Due to size and complexity of manufacturing I am located at the largest Epicor site but am on-call to support all 13.   For example, one is currently converting from Vantage 6.1 to cloud-based Epicor 10.2.300 so I’m lending a hand with that.

With all that is going on there should be plenty to ponder on.  Not always technical Epicor issues either.  Needless to say, but politics and personalities play a big role in supporting multiple and large Epicor implementations.  Supporting corporate strategy, technical improvements and organizational dynamics are a lot of things to keep the eye on.   Like the juggler with many spinning plates on sticks it’s important to keep those plates in the air.   We’ll see how it goes.