EUG Ambassadors


Todd Caughey

Epicor ERP 10 Administrator

Todd has been working with Epicor products for 20 years – starting with DCD-Classic on an AS/400 system and moving through successive Vantage versions from 4.0 to 6.1. In 2016 he joined Electroimpact, maker of aircraft assembly automation in Washington state.  In 2018 his current position opened up in Allen, TX to manage Epicor usage at Standex International across 12 companies running versions from Vantage 6.1 to Epicor 10.   He has been a member and strong supporter of EUG for many years and has attended many Perspectives and Insights conferences over the years.


Scott Lepley


I am an analyst for Flight Systems Industrial Products, located in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, where we are currently running Epicor ERP 10.1.500.10 and planning to upgrade to 10.2.200.x in the second quarter of 2018. Since 1998, I have worked with various versions of Vantage (up to 8.03) and Epicor ERP (9.04, 9.05 and 10.1) at five different manufacturing enterprises. In 2002, I was a co-founder of the Central PA VUG, which subsequently became the Central PA regional EUG. I currently serve as vice-chair of the CPaEUG, and I also participate in the EUG’s ERP Leadership Council and Epicor’s Epicor University ERP Customer Focus Group. I have been working in the information systems and technology field since 1992, but prior to that I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from The Pennsylvania State University and I worked in the banking industry for 7 years.


Julie Gartner

Director of IT

I am the Director of IT at a lighting manufacturing company. We have 200 Epicor users and we utilize most of the ERP modules. We installed Vantage in 2009 and upgraded to E9 in 2011. We are in the process of upgrading to E10. I participate in the EUG ERP Leadership Council.​

In my free time I enjoying working out, hanging out with my grandkids, and traveling.


Norman Hutchins

Systems Administrator

I've been at Howell since 1999, been Systems Administrator since 2002. Have worked with Epicor since 2005, we were a beta install of Vantage 8.0, currently on 10.1.400.26. Currently testing 10.2, in hopes to upgrade this year. I manage IT & ERP for about 60 users. I've handled all of the upgrades from 8.00 to 9 to 9.05 to 10 to 10.1 to … in-house by myself.

I've learned a lot along the way and I'm happy to share that knowledge to help other users if I can.


Aaron Willett

ERP Manager

I'm the ERP Manager for Elkay Interior Systems (EIS) in Milwaukee, WI. EIS is currently running 10.1.500.16 with plans to upgrade to 10.2 around July 2018. I have experience using Vantage 8, Epicor 9, and Epicor 10. I have led two successful upgrades; one from Vantage 8.00 to Epicor 10.0.700.4 (and then later 10.1.400) as well as a migration from 9.05.702A to 10.1.500.8. I will be involved in getting our Latin America facility on our version of Epicor (from Microsoft Navision). I have a jack-of-all-trades knowledge as far as processes go within Epicor, but my strongest area is customization and C# development. Some of my interests outside of Epicor include competition small bore, rock climbing, outdoors, and weight lifting.
I look forward to lending my skills where I can.