Users Helping Users

By Keith Herring posted 14 Mar, 2017 08:34 AM


I am pleased to join the team for the EUG UK. It will be a challenge to step into the shoes of Tim Berryman who has done a fantastic job over the last few years. My aim for the User Group is to ensure we deliver on the Users Helping Users principle by sharing our experiences good and bad, and feeding back these user experiences to Epicor.

I have been an Epicor user since 1999 so have experienced many versions of the software and gone through many upgrades. During my time as an Epicor user, the company I worked for at the time won the ICT section of the Manufacturer of the Year Awards. Also won the Epicor customer awards for Business Turnaround. Therefore, I have a wealth of experience in getting the best out of Epicor ERP.

I look forward to bringing to all our members seminars and training that will benefit us as users but more importantly benefit to our businesses. 



UK ERP Chair