Iowa EUG September 14, 2017 Meeting

When:  Sep 14, 2017 from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (CT)
Associated with  Iowa Epicor Users Group

Iowa Epicor User Group meeting
Thursday September 14, 2017



08:15 am – 09:00 am       Registration and Networking

09:00 am – 09:15 am       Welcome, Introductions

09:15 am – 10:00 am:      Lessons Learned Migrating from 9.05.702 to 10.1.600.8 – Ag Leader IT Team

10:00 am – 11:00 am:      Doc Star Presentation – Rob Reid – Doc Star/Epicor

11:00 am – 11:15 am:      Break                                   

11:15am – 12:30 pm:       Breakout sessions

A:   Accounting: Bank Statement Processing with Bank File Import and Bank EFT Export – Fred Zelhart - CodaBears

B:   Operations/Engineering: Product Configurator in 10.1 – Steve Carr & Stuart Pim – Crawford  Software Consulting, Inc. (CSCI) 

C:   Materials Management: Inventory Cycle Counting – Calvin Dekker - CodaBears


12:30 pm – 1:30 pm:        Lunch sponsored by Crawford Software Consulting

 “Birds-of-a-feather” Please sit with your functional area for networking opportunities 


1:30 pm – 3:00 pm:          Breakout session 2

 A:            Sales/Engineering: Task Management in Quoting and Engineering – Calvin Dekker - CodaBears

B:            Operations/Quality: Product Configurator with Quality Management Module – Steven Carr & Stuart Pim – Crawford Software Consulting, Inc. (CSCI)

C:            Network with users                                      


Meeting is sponsored by Crawford Software Consulting, Inc.                                   

                                 Thank you!


Since 2001 Crawford Software Consulting, Inc has been helping our customers to maximize their software investment. At Crawford Software, we recognize that your software is not just an investment but a strategic business decision that should support company growth and improve profitability.

Crawford Software helps clients maximize their software investment. Our consultants bring business experience combined with software knowledge and skills to help our clients improve business processes and increase efficiency to maximize profits.

Our Core Strengths:

  • Master Data Governance
  • Master Data Quality
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Program Management
  • ERP Selection and Implementation
  • Programming Services
  • Database Design and Implementation

Our Epicor consultants are:

  • Certified in Epicor 10, Epicor 9, Vantage, Vista and Enterprise.
  • More than thirty years of manufacturing software experience.
  • Consultants have an average of 15 years’ experience with ERP software and manufacturing processes.

Our Epicor Services:

Epicor Implementation:

Crawford Software provides full staffing requirements for Epicor implementations. Based on our numerous years of experience our implementation methodology combines the best practices of the Epicor Signature Methodology with our internal procedures for data migration, training, process improvement, and best business practice adoption.

Whether your organization is Make to Stock, Make to Order, Configure to Order or Engineer to Order our consulting organization has the experience needed to ensure your project and implementation are successful and meet your organizational needs.

Your investment in an ERP system should be more than a data and transaction repository, but a strategic business initiative aligned with your organizations growth, profitability and long term business success.



Epicor Standard Solutions:

Crawford Software’s Development Team is constantly looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience with Epicor software.  Our team builds Standard Solution to help maximize our customers’ investment in Epicor.  These solutions are derived from customer needs and request.  Our Development Team builds the appropriate software solution and tests the application prior to be implemented within our customers’ Epicor environment.  Some of these Standard Solutions include:

  • Product Lifecycle
  • Part Level Incoming Inspection
  • Part Class GL Code
  • Purchase Order Approvals
  • As Required
  • Automatic Order Lines
  • Product Group
  • Journal Tracker


Epicor Upgrade Migration:

Over the past 12 years we have developed a project methodology and tool set that makes an ERP upgrade a well-organized project with minimal business disruption. Our template approach includes documented and organized testing cycles to confirm that your organization is trained and ready on the first day of business after the upgrade. Using a combination of user testing tools and automated testing tools when appropriate our methodology insures a smooth transition with no downtime. Our staff works with your requirements and your schedule, on site, remote of a hybrid approach of some on site and some remote. We work with your team to determine the most effective and cost effective approach for your organization.


Epicor Business Consulting:

Crawford Software recognizes that your ERP system is not just a purchase but a strategic investment for your company. One that when setup properly and with the proper business processes can improve overall efficiency and improve profitability. Your ERP system influences all areas of the enterprise, beginning with sales through order fulfillment and cash receipt (Order to Cash) along with purchase, receipt and supplier payment (Procure to Payment). Add Material Requirements Planning (MRP) and integrated job scheduling and you have an efficient effective ERP system with harmonized business processes that can help your company maximize profits with standard business processes, improved customer service and customer satisfaction.

Functional Consulting Areas:

  • Engineer to Order
  • Make to Order
  • Make to Stock
  • Quote and Order Management
  • CRM and Case Management
  • Job Management
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Planning and Scheduling
  • Forecasting
  • Costing
  • Production Planning
  • Advanced Planning & Scheduling
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Inventory Management including Shipping and Receiving
  • Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • General Ledger
  • Financial Reporting


Epicor Technical Consulting:

Sometimes standard functionality and best business practices are not enough for your particular business needs. At Crawford Software we understand that every business operates differently and has different business requirements. While working to adopt best business practices, there are times where enhancements and customization are sometimes required to maximize your software investment and maximize your ROI from your Epicor software.

When required we have a technical team available to assist you in adapting your Epicor ERP system to match your business model and its specific challenges. Because your business requirements evolve and change as your business grows and expands, all of our Epicor customizations are built to be both flexible and adaptable. We take the time to understand your business, now and the direction it is headed, before we propose a solution.
Following an integrated software development life cycle (SDLC) a complete functional design is documented, reviewed with the client, and approved prior to beginning any changes. The functional design includes a not to exceed cost estimate and can only be altered with a documented and approved change request, guaranteeing that you will not have any surprises when the enhancement is completed and installed. All functional designs include a unit test cycle, and a recommended test case scenario log to be used with integration and end user testing

Epicor Technical Consulting Services

  • Business Process Management (BPM)
  • Business Activity Queries (BAQ)
  • Business Activity Management (BAM)
  • User Interface Customizations
  • Data Migration Tool (DMT)
  • Crystal Reports
  • Dashboards
  • Personalization
  • Progress Programming
  • Progress Reporting
  • Software Development Kit(SDK)
  • Service Connect
  • Customizations and Enhancements
  • System Integration


Epicor Product Support:

Epicor Functional and Technical Support

Crawford Software offers support packages for most Epicor applications and releases including: Epicor Vantage, Epicor Vista and Epicor 9. Support packages are available for standard Epicor core modules and functionality along with industry specific solutions.


Epicor Expertise

Certified consultants in all functional and technical modules with an average of fifteen years of Epicor experience. Every client is assigned a Primary Support Representative who will be your account liaison and escalation point for any and all requirements. A team of functional and technical experts backs your Primary Support Representative with expertise in standard Epicor functionality and troubleshooting.


Epicor Support Options

Crawford Software has multiple support contract options based on your company requirements:

Annual Support Contracts

  • Prepaid Support Plans – purchase a block of hours that can be used at any time during the support period.
  • On Demand Hour Support – have a support team available for on call support without an annual agreement.
  • Our support plans are tailored to your business requirements and areas of concern. We take the time to work with you to determine your exact needs and craft a support plan to meet those requirements.

Bundle development and configuration hours to support project work into your support contract. Use your reduced cost of your support plan to purchase development and configuration assistance and bundle them with your support plan.


Epicor Training:

Crawford Software offers both standard Epicor training and training that is customized to your business requirements and uses your data. We feel that by using your company’s data, and real examples the training is more effective and we can address current questions or challenges for your business during the training session. Our training is focused on your business and your business needs. The training we provide uses your data (if provided by client) and smaller class rooms. The training will only be for the registered people from your company, it is not a general class for any Epicor user. We personalize the training by first interviewing the people that will attend the class to understand their goals for the course and then adjust the course content to meet those objectives. With that in mind for each training session you will find two cost estimates. The first cost estimate is to utilize the standard training material, but still in a focused smaller environment. The second cost estimate is for the time required to tailor the course to your specific needs, and again using your company data if supplied. Time estimates provided for customization and personalization of the training are not to exceed numbers. You will only be invoiced for the actual time worked in personalizing the training for your company requirements.


For more information about our Epicor services:  
Email:  Phone: (603) 537 – 9630 x 112 Web:



CodaBears, Inc.

For over 20 years CodaBears has taken the customer centered approach and philosophy “Good work leads to more.”  Successful implementations, software customizations, data mining and reporting, as well as comprehensive education programs strengthen our customer bonds.  This leads them to refer colleagues.  We have not marketed our services and have continued to grow year after year.  Cost effective solutions and innovative thinking are at the core of every CodaBear’s customer solution.

Our offerings & services include:

  • Solution Architecture and Design (Microsoft, and Progress)
  • System Implementation, Upgrade, Conversion, and Migration
  • System Performance & Tuning
  • ERP Training & User Education (Modules and Usage as well as Databases both onsite & remote)
  • Data Analysis and Reporting (SSRS, SAP Crystal Reports, and BarTender)
  • Business Process Automation, Engineering, and Management
  • Websites and E-Commerce Solutions
  • Maintenance Programs and Remote Support 24/7 (version 2 and forward)
  • Backup and Restoration as well as Disaster Recovery Solution

CodaBears is fully Independent and is a non-partnered service bureau providing truly unbiased solutions.  Being fully neutral we partner with NO hardware or software companies. The industries we continue to serve include:

                Aerospace and Defense

                Medical Devices





                Tool and Die

                Service Bureaus

                Injection Molding

                Furniture and Fixtures

                Contract Manufacturers (Make and Engineer To Order)

                Mixed Mode Manufacturing/ Lean Manufacturing & Accounting

Honesty and integrity are foremost in our solutions.  Be it a 1 hour or 20 year collaboration, our customers rest assured that CodaBears will deliver a solution that exceeds their expectation. Over 500 customers and 3000 solutions going strong!



Ag Leader Technology Academy
2202 North Loop Dr
Ames, IA 50010


Kristine Fierce