What is the EUG all about?

The Epicor Users Group (EUG) is an independent, non-profit, global organization comprised of companies using Epicor Software. We represent nearly 3,000 member companies like yours. Our goals to our members are:

  • To help maximize the value of Epicor software to member organizations.
  • To provide effective tools and other resources that ease creation and continued operation of regional groups which conduct regular collaborative meetings.
  • To have an on-line presence that facilitates knowledge sharing and collaboration for both regional groups and other members.
  • To use our collective knowledge and experience to influence Epicor’s decision-making regarding product design and user experience.
  • To provide vendor membership opportunities that help fund and contribute to our success toward other goals.               
The simple reason to join the EUG is that for $360/year, about the cost of two hour's consulting time, you can get a year of sharing experiences with a knowledgeable community of nearly 4800 other Epicor ERP users.  That is the cost for your whole company to join, not just a single user.  

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